by Elfika

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05:00 video


This is the firts demo-album of the french symphonic métal band Elfika.


released May 30, 2015



all rights reserved


Elfika Paris, France

Imagined by Manu, the Elfika concept really took shape in 2012.
Mixing a feminine lyrical and rock vocals, symphonic and electro arrangements, a rock or metal guitar, and a precise and hard rock drum, Elfika's music acquired its own identity while remaining very melodic without Enclose themselves in a single style. ... more

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Track Name: Mirror of truth
Mirror Of Truth - Elfika

Of desire
Burns my hardened heart
My soul
Breathes out
On the stake of my vanity
I have filled my glass
With my own venom

Wily friend
Opening the gates of hell
Open door
On a world of illusion
What can you show me
Beyond appearances ?

There’s no redemption
Mirror of truth, reflection lies
For the first sin
Mirror of truth, master of light
There’s no exit
Mirror of truth, shadow genius
The pact with the devil
Mirror of truth, Master of lies

Soft poison
Absorbing hearts and souls
And flattery
Turns life into a realm of smoke
There is no truth
Only what we want to see

Sparks lure us into the dark
In a world
So tasteless
Where even love has a price
I have sold my soul
For a life of illusion

My peace is gone,
My heart is sore:
I never shall find it,
Ah, nevermore!
Save I have him near.
The grave is here;
The world is gall
And bitterness all.

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Track Name: Inferno
Inferno Elfika

One night
So dark
I saw two angels pass
So quietly
One of life and one of death
I saw them pause, on their celestial, timeless way
The straight way is lost
It's too late for regrets,
There is no way out, there is no escape, here is my guide

I cross the dark circles
I abandoned all hope
To confront Evil and vice
My soul must not fail
Damned vision of hell.

Through me
The way
To everlasting pain
Echoed across the starless air
I found myself upon the brink of an abyss
Made of suffering
Without any hope
Hateful cold rain
Rivers of blood
Endless regrets.

Through this world of pain
I have come with a great
Wailing beast upon me
I reached a place without light
The hellish squall never ends

Paroles Elfika Tous droits réservés.
Track Name: One Day
One day Elfika

Beyond the horizon
And far beyond reason
Please show me another way
You know my future looks so grey

Life sways from tears to blows
What lays ahead, who knows
A heart of steel surely
Has no need for humanity

I opened my eye
To see the light of day
I opened my hand
To start breathing again

One day, desolate
The truth was unveiled
And the sky was sparkling from afar
Bright with four imperishable stars
One day, I realized
As night softly ended
A sweet innocence found a faith
Now and forevermore a new breath

There can be no reason
There is no law, no prison
To immure a heart so pure
Such happiness should perdure

I found desire again
Of life I hold the reins
At the gate of joy and cheer
I cast away my deepest fear

Open your heart
Take the key to my soul
Forget the fear
Obliterate evil

With angels all around
The curse will be broken
And the bad will finally be gone
Underneath the sparkling stars of hope

For those who struggle
Just for a glimpse of hope
For a child’s heart to resound with life
Courage and spirit shall arise

At nights, sorrow
While the days shine with glow
Four stars gleaming across the world
Four bright stars in everlasting whirls

At nights, sorrow
While the days shine with glow
Four stars gleaming across the world
Four bright stars till the end of time

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Track Name: Broken Wings
Broken Wings Elfika

Night opens to an endless blur
A daze that no-one can decipher
A frail fate, among the high clouds
So many lives, to the wind they bowed
A single cry binds the living
A lonely spark, so many hearts
Very last trails, they were once theirs
Before the void, before the end

Who could feel their awful fear?
From the hollowness I hear their scream
Echo in the air from far away
When Angel Wings fall from heights

And as death strikes, time just stands still
Channel broken, last words spoken
We never heard, no we never saw
Their last time, now lost forever
And as their voices echoed in fear
In a plea for help, lost in the sea
Fighting the waves, straining in vain
Let us not waste their memory

And even when the light resigns
The words keep running in our veins
Desolate within a wasteland
Footprints evanescing in the sand
So many hearts devastated
So many lives obliterated
Reminiscence is the only trace
The prayers of the world can reach the sky
To ease their final resting place
And deep within the universe
A single tear will sparkle yet
Like a flower laid down at their feet

Don't forget...
Don't forget...

Paroles Elfika tous droits réservés
Track Name: Lost in life
Lost in life Elfika

Sometimes my memory feels me alone
As in the middle of a cyclone
Death puts his precious foundation stone
I leave without wanting

I don't remember my soul’s breath
Deadly fireworks.
Don't hold it against me.

And words are veiled
In a blank stare
Wake me.

But wind rises on your most cherished dreams
Joy have been supersede by fear’s gleam
A distress signal into your love beaming
It makes you want to scream

You know my love
Don’t try to dodge
Help me !

I swear I will come back
Before your tears have dried
My heart beats for you, he’s calling you
While my skin trembles anew
Help me ! Help me !

Show me the way
Find strenght in me
I belong to you
I belong to you
Don’t give up
Sun makes up day
I fade without you
I’m so lost

Help me if you can
Keep the faith in you
Open up your eyes
Open up your eyes
I know it’s hard
But you can do it
I’m so lost

Try to go forward
Never look back
Try to continue
Try to continue
Though you’re still tired
You will reach the sun
And you will never be
So lost

Paroles Elfika tous droits réservés