Secretum Secretorum

by Elfika

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So human 06:49
Verse 1 : Let us tell you a story Where the people are so fake And they are so unconscious Cause they’re playing with mother earth. The world is being destroyed Cause of all the damage they’ve caused Mankind, they create suffering Yes, but they don’t care about it. What does it mean ? We live in a world that kills his children It makes no sense Where is the truth ? Where is the light ? That can guide us through darkness Verse 2 : But wait, one day it will come She will take everything back Prepare for the end of time Mother earth doesn’t wanna stop. We’re just passing through on her way Don’t think that you will win this fight But she will have the last word Don’t know what’s the next move she’ll make Humans are fools They are destroying Everything they see Everything they have It makes me so sad Is this what we want ? To live in a world like this ? Chorus : Humans are so cruel They want to reign all over of the world Bridge : Welcome in Our society You will find A lot of injustice Everyone wants money cause men craves the power They tell you What you have to do And they tell You what to think We keep living our lifes with hands cuffed up in chains Text spoken : Trees being cut more and more, Growth of pollution, Abusing the animals, Wars in the name of a territory or a religion Human race always stood for destruction Destroying mother earth’s most precious gifts But one thing remains for sure : The earth doesn’t belong to us We belong to the earth. Choirs : - Who spoils the sky with gas that sickens it ? - Who maltreats the animals and nature ? - Who thinks industry is a progression ? - Who’s responsible for global warming ? - Who throws their garbage in the seas and lakes ? - Who burns the woods until they turn to dust ? - Who thinks they’re invincible and so strong ? - Who’s too blind to live in this society ?
Angel 06:20
Verse 1 : One day, before your madness Before your distress The nightmare is coming to you And then, you will believe that That someone will help You and deliver from the demons. But we, already know that That you can do everything Now it’s too late. Hold on, you have to think of A new solution And you can get out of this dream. And yes, the first thing to do Is to begin, With believing in yourself No no, don’t close your eyes You have to confront The evil behind you. Verse 2 : Demons are coming to you Slowly they’re reaching Your heart to take possession. But don’t let them the choice Take your self-control And you’ll fight with dignity. Have faith and be strong Your light will always Be present and guide you. Don’t deviate from the path You have to go through Through this way, there’s no way out ! Don’t look, don’t look back To late to go back Your nightmare will never end. Say, a little prayer Sometimes it helps But now, we have to fight ! Chorus : The darkness takes over The trees are losing all their leaves The cold enters into your lungs Slowly dying. The sun will stop rising Only the rain can touch your skin Before your demons want to See you dying Coda : Get your eyes up And look to the star Wait, Wait and see There’s something going down to you. It’s getting warmer And it’s getting happier too It’s your angel ! She’s the light in your heart And now you’re together She brings the strenght that you miss And now you’re strong You’re strong enough And now you have to fight Believe in yourself and your angel The good always win !
The other 08:26
Verse 1 : I see the sunrise far away Glimmer of hope and life For those who suffer alone in the night Face their fear Blood fingers caress my skin Battlefield smoking a silent war Where are you ? I only see myself in the mirror I feel your breath Like a ghost That haunts me Curse or fate ? Verse 2 : Day after day, each hour I walk On the edge of the abyss Made of tears, pain, fear and darkness And I wonder … Who are you ? You’re taking my soul You made me a stranger in my own body With no escape I have no choice, to live or die I have to find the strenght to crush you For me and for them Chorus : I don’t want to know your name You the other I don’t want to cross your eyes No never, never again Seeing these tears in their eyes Coda : If I look up the mirror What else could I see ? The reflection of my own fear In empty eyes of all life Mirror of a brunt and bloodless soul Who lost the urge to fight before the hour Can you only see what you have done with me ? Have you ever thought of the consequences ? In this order of things where survival is the only rule ? There is no more room for mercy Then remain tears and shame Remain fear and pain Stays the desire to hunker down To take the last shot faster Of that sword suspended for so long There still remains a little envy not to tell me That I did not win against myself May the first rays of the sun give me The hope of hunting the night and the darkness And exorcise what gnaws at me and destroys me
Broken wings 07:37
Verse 1 : Night opens to an endless blur A daze that no-one can decipher A frail fate, among the high clouds So many lives, to the wind they bowed A single cry binds the living A lonely spark, so many hearts Very last trails, they were once theirs Before the void, before the end Verse 2 : And as death strikes, time just stands still Channel broken, last words spoken We never heard, no we never saw Their last time, now lost forever And as their voices echoed in fear In a plea for help, lost in the sea Fighting the waves, straining in vain Let us not waste their memory Chorus : Who could feel their awful fear? From the hollowness I hear their scream Echo in the air from far away When Angel Wings fall from heights Bridge : And even when the light resigns The words keep running in our veins Desolate within a wasteland Footprints evanescing in the sand So many hearts devastated So many lives obliterated Reminiscence is the only trace The prayers of the world can reach the sky To ease their final resting place And deep within the universe A single tear will sparkle yet Like a flower laid down at their feet Don't forget... Don't forget...
Dark Virgin 12:54
Part I : The prayer (Ave Maria) Ave Maria Gratia Plena Dominus Tecum Benedicta Tu Choirs : ( Gratia Plena ) Dominus Tecum Benedictus Fructus Ventri Tui Jesus Sancta Maria Part II : From heaven to hell Verse 1 : Once, upon a time, it always begins like this In the dreams of a woman in love I loved life, I was optimistic and all hopeful You’re worthless You’re not good You disgust me You’re nothing without me You’re just a dirty slut You’re gonna be my bitch I was happy With simple little things I wanted a home, for my child With a dad and a mom… Chorus : I believed that it was love But love isn’t this I wanted to believe in my chance But the mirror broke There’s only the fragments of my life I survived like a ghost, I prayed all night long Like a Dark Virgin… Verse 2 : I had a child, I couldn’t lose hope I was ready to sacrifice myself for him I wanted to save my family, In spite of the blows and insults You belong to me Who wants a women like you ? You’re just useless, I’m the one who can love you ! Hide the bruises Lying to survive The worst was the violence of the words It’s so cruel Chorus : I was alone and so deprived This pain gnawed me Death became my only way out It is a crime not a joke In the name of a monster, I was going to die I have to leave, before he kills I’ll become a Dark Virgin. Bridge She’s the daughter of strength and courage So dark are her wings, but she is sparkling With her red lips she embraces the universe She’s Lilith who leads the hordes of the depths To free all women She’s my rebirth Part III : Revenge Black rose, Black moon, Her hands shape the demonic mud With my weakness and my forces You model me as the clay in fire They desire me, they covet me I sanctify and am not sanctified Happy is the one who embraces me I’m the night’s sweetness and the day’s pleasure My company is a world of symbols My lips are softer than life and death I’m the whore of those who delight me by their submission Look at me with desire and despair I am all which was, all which is, and all which will be Part IV : Redemption Ave Maria Sub tuam misericordiam confugimus Dei genitrix Nostras deprecationes ne despicias In necessitatibus Sed a perditionne Salva nos Sacred mother Queen of heaven You, healer, Inspiration of poets, lovers and prophets The light of the world Hear the prayer of my bruised soul Mistress of the moon and births
Inferno 05:13
Verse 1 : One night So dark I saw two angels pass So quietly One of life and one of death I saw them pause, on their celestial, timeless way The straight way is lost It's too late for regrets, There’s no way out, there’s no escape, here is my guide Verse 2 : Through me The way To everlasting pain Cries Echoed across the starless air I found myself upon the brink of an abyss Made of suffering Without any hope Hateful cold rains Rivers of blood Endless regrets. Chorus : I cross the dark circles I abandoned all hope To confront Evil and vice My soul must not fail Damned vision of hell. Through this world of pain I have come with a great Wailing beast upon me I reached a place without light The hellish squall never ends
One Day 04:29
One Day Couplet 1 : Beyond the horizon And far beyond reason Please show me another way You know my future looks so grey Life sways from tears to blows What lays ahead, who knows A heart of steel surely Has no need for humanity I opened my eye To see the light of day I opened my hand To start breathing again Everything is here in the eyes of a child Refrain : One day, desolate The truth was unveiled And the sky was sparkling from afar Bright with four imperishable stars One day, I realized As night softly ended A sweet innocence found a faith Now and forevermore a new breath Couplet 2 : There can be no reason There is no law, no prison To immure a heart so pure Such happiness should perdure I found desire again Of life I hold the reins At the gate of joy and cheer I cast away my deepest fear Open your heart Take the key to my soul Forget the fear Obliterate evil So much strength in the eyes of a child Refrain : With angels all around The curse will be broken And the bad will finally be gone Underneath the sparkling stars of hope For those who struggle Just for a glimpse of hope For a child’s heart to resound with life Courage and spirit shall arise ------------------------------------------------- At nights, sorrow While the days shine with glow Four stars gleaming across the world Four bright stars in everlasting whirls At nights, sorrow While the days shine with glow Four stars gleaming across the world Four bright stars till the end of time


This is Elfika's first studio album on its digital version.


released January 17, 2020

@Elfika 2020
@Valkyrie Rising
Recorded and mixed at MII Recording Studio by Didier CHESNEAU (Attraction Théory, Headline...)
Mastering from Elektra Studio
Artwork by Sylvain Leboeuf
Photography by Vincent Zafra (Studio Illusion Story).
With spécial guests :
Anthony Parker (Heavenly, Fairyland) : Guitars (solo and rythmic)
Didier Chesneau : Additionnal guitar
Constance Amelane (Attraction Théory) : Choirs


all rights reserved



Elfika Paris, France

Imagined by Manu, the Elfika concept really took shape in 2012.
Mixing a feminine lyrical and rock vocals, symphonic and electro arrangements, a rock or metal guitar, and a precise and hard rock drum, Elfika's music acquired its own identity while remaining very melodic without Enclose themselves in a single style. ... more

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